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Introducing Mr N and Friends!

This is an all new theatre spectacular showcasing the very best of live entertainment from across the world! Fantasticly funny comedy, jaw dropping circus acts and more all blended together for your entertainment.



Raul Nadler ( Mr. N ) 
Raulito Jimenez 
Born in Rio Bravo tam. Mexico on 20/08/1962
Fathers name: Oscar Nadler 
Flaquin the clown 
Mother’s name: Elvia Garcia
Contorsionniste at the circus Garcia 

Raul takes the first steps in circus with his family circus with Uncle Raul, Uncle Oscar, Uncle Javier, Uncle Gerardo, Auntie Florecita, Auntie Ofelia and Auntie America.
Grand parents: Lorenzo Garcia and Isabel Jimenez .

At (Circo Dumbars) In Monterrey Mexico. Raulito was six years old and becomes part of the (Rudys) Icariens family act . And starting to practice trampoline and many others specialities . The family decided to start practicing with the (Flying Trapeze) named the 
(Flying Jimenez ) and Raulito becomes (Raulito Jimenez) starts to practice on the flying trapeze and after very hard training become the youngest trapèze artist to perform the triple somersault to the catcher. 
With only 9 years old 1970, Raulito Jimenez travels with the family around South America and Central America with Circus Apolo. Two years later returns to Mexico with family and restart with family Circus Dumbars. And hard training becomes one of the best !! In the flying trapeze in the world !! Opening the act with triple somersault and complete all the most difficult tricks on the flying trapeze at the time! Raulito Jimenez becomes the best trapeze artist when complete (the triple with a full twist) to the catcher and becomes the first flyer to complete four revolutions in the air by doing three back somersaults and a full twist at the same time. 1974 Monterrey Mexico 
The family gets a contract to Europe 
Italy circus Orfei then france cirque Jean Richards and all around Europe 
And around the world. Participate at the circus world championships in London 1979 winners 1980 winners participate at the Montecarlo festival 1980 and winners on the (silver clown) at this time the flying Jimenez work with the greatest ! circus in Europe circus Krone .Raulito and family return to Mexico 
With the greatest circus in Mexico circo Atayde Hnos for one year season then the family decided And create there own Circus Again Raulito was only 18 years old at the time and decided to create a new flying trapeze act with his younger brothers in Guadalajara Mexico with Oncle Raul And Javier help 
Raulito retourne to Europe again with new trapèze act the 
(flying Raul Jimenez) Working again at the major circus in Europe cirque D’iver Paris circus Scott circus luis Knie circus Chen portugal there! Raulito find his lovely girlfriend Lara Gottani they got married in lisboa Portugal 1989 and Lara take part of the (flying Raul Jimenez ) travelling around Europe the first baby girl born in lisboa 
(Naomi nadler Gottani)
the flying Raul Jimenez got a contract to perform at the (Big Apple Circus) New York USA for two years then perform for the Circus Circus in Las Vegas Nevada for two amazing years live and work in Las Vegas four years retourne to Europe Portugal to create a beautiful circus together with wife Laras father Sergio Gottani and mother Celeste Chen Gottani Circus Gottani the second baby boy is born 
(Joele Nadler Gottani)the family Gottani and Raul created the adventures of Pinocchio at the circus and becomes the main actor in this amazing show four years 
Raul and wife Lara decided to come to England and working with Zippos circus become the Main clown (pepino)for three years then American circus Oncle Sam after one year ( pleasure wood hills ) a team park in uk for two years.  
Then at (potters resorts)three consecutive years at the theatre with comedy and becomes mr.N 
Then mr.N going back to Zippos circus for two more years and finally with Paulos circus . Until 2019 then mr. N is preparing a new show for 2020 Mr.N and Friends to perform in your local theatres around Uk one hour show with comedy circus acts and much more 
Hilarious time for all ages you will see very soon the name of the locations and cities around uk.
My friends this is a little part of my amazing live and much more to come in (Jesus name)
Thanks for looking 
God bless you all 


                     Raul Nadler 

       Mr N